UT Group Co., Ltd.

Super Manager School
[Manager Development Programs]

Super Manager School
[Manager Development Programs]

The Super Manager School is to train candidates for top executive of UT Group.


Practical training programs are conducted in order to develop the following personnel:

  • Candidates who understand the corporate policy, think about how to contribute by themselves, and act without waiting to be instructed.
  • Candidates who can make strategies for an operational goal, execute them, and achieve the result and who always take on a challenge for personal and corporate growth through work.


President Wakayama, directors, and executive officers of UT Group, and top executives of UT Group companies are the lecturers for developing future executives for the Group.


Vision of Mr. Wakayama, Founder and President of UT Group; Corporate philosophy: Strategies for achieving the vision; Business thinking and creative ideas; Business practices for super managers, etc.