UT Group Co., Ltd.

Entry System

Entry System

The Entry System is to openly solicit candidates for important positions within the Group

We promote a corporate culture to challenge, under the slogan of “Provide challenging opportunities for everyone, and encourage, support, and praise those challengers.” One of such example is our Entry System. This is to appoint important executive positions from candidates who apply for positions by themselves. We respect willingness of each employee and encourage him/her to think voluntarily about how to contribute to the company or the Group. We want to foster executives in this way.
We are waiting for you to demonstrate your ability with passion and challenging spirit.

Application details

Who can apply All employees of the UT Group (UT Aim, UT Technology, UT Construction, UT Pabec, UT Heartful, and UT Group)
Open position
  1. Senior executive officers and executive officers (executive general managers. assistant executive general managers)
  2. Executives (general managers, managers, FC managers)
Department that accept applications
  1. Manufacturing Dispatch department
  2. Engineer department
  3. Corporate Sales department
  4. Group Hiring department
  5. Career Development department
  6. Business Development department
  7. Compliance department
  8. Management Infrastructure department
  9. President’s office
  10. Internal audit office (only for executives )
Term One year
Training program Training program for newly appointed personnel is available.

Application and examination procedures

Entry Submit the entry sheet and presentation materials
1st stage (Screening, in order) Screening of the entry sheet and presentation materials submitted by an applicant. The result is informed to the applicant from the Executive Office.
2nd stage (Presentation) The applicant who has passed the 1st stage makes a presentation to executives.
Result The Executive Office or the department in charge notifies the examination result to the applicant.