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Employee Support

Employee Support

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  • One UT

    The One UT Project is to support career advancement of all UT Group employees. This is an innovative program, which enables you to change your job or transfer to another Group company by taking such training courses.

  • Super Manager School

    The Super Manager School is to develop talents to lead UT Group in which lectures are given by UT Group’s management.

  • MTM Training

    The MTM Training Program offers courses on management leadership. The themes include “Policy and personnel,” “Organization management,” “Compliance and safety,” “Executive training,” “Monozukuri management,” and “Business management,” all of which are required for executives in their workplace.

  • Entry System

    The Entry System allows people to put themselves up as candidates for important positions and posts within the Group. One of the candidates is selected after the review.

  • Employee Shareholding Association

    You can voluntarily purchase UT Group’ shares from one unit of 1,000 yen through payroll deductions and receive 10% of the amount as an incentive from the company. If you wish, you can additionally join an "Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Trust Utilizing Employee Shareholding Association" (ESOP Trust) to get distribution when there are ESOP Trust earnings resulting from a rise in the stock price.

  • Employee Award System

    We have introduced the “UT Grand Prix” to award employees with outstanding performance and the “Length-of-service awards” in which the period incorporates the number of years worked at our competitors. These programs aim to motivate our employees, who then create vigorous workplaces.