UT Group Co., Ltd.

UT Group’s Employment Services

Service domains

One of the largest general corporate groups of engineers

UT is one of the largest general corporate groups of engineers that supports Japan’s industries jointly with leading manufacturers, general contractors, and other quality companies in various sectors such as automobiles, semiconductors, electrical equipment and electronics, environment, energy, and IT software. Our excellent manpower with outstanding engineering skills in all industrial fields is contributing to the development of the IoT society, in which things are connected, by crossing over barriers between products, companies, and industries.

Alliance with world-leading technology company

Engineers with advanced cutting-edge skills are very much in need as IoT steadily progresses for practical applications. In October 2015, UT formed an alliance with Siemens K.K., the leading global provider of product lifecycle management software and services. This is one example where UT has been establishing an organization to support the development and career advancement of superior engineers that can respond to the needs of the IoT society.

Service flow

  1. Inquiries
    Please send us an inquiry by phone, e-mail, or fax.
  2. Presentations
    Our sales contact visits you and introduces our company.
  3. Defining assignments
    Let us talk about your assignment, your requirement for the workforce and teams, and other matters.
  4. Team building
    We will build the optimal team for your assignment by selecting our most appropriate employees, with consideration given to age, experience, and other factors of the mix.
  5. Meeting regarding assignment
    The leader of the team will join our meeting to discuss the specific assignment.
  6. Exchange of contract
    You formally issue an order to us.
  7. Start of assignment
    Our employees start their work assignment at your worksite.
  8. Staff administration and follow-up
    UT Group continues to take responsibility for administration of our employees at your assignment.


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